As an Agile Coach, I begin engagements by assessing the organization’s needs to fully embrace the Agile Mindset. I gauge their understanding and application of Agile and Scrum—scrutinizing the use of the framework, the agile maturity of teams and leadership, and the intent behind each conversation. My services encompass teaching Scrum, advising, mentoring, and agile coaching.

Historically, my engagements have been highly successful with long-lasting, impactful transformations. My clients have consistently been satisfied. I yearned to further challenge myself by taking on more assignments and immersing myself in diverse cultures and challenges.

Simultaneously, I was working with several companies, aiming to empower key individuals to drive their organizational transformation. I envisioned myself as the catalyst to their success.

However, one engagement proved particularly challenging. Instead of team-based training, I found myself training individuals separately amidst resistance and chaos. This situation made me question my approach. Despite my extensive knowledge from the Agile coaching community, I felt inadequately prepared. My confidence wavered.

I began exploring professional coaching programs: Co-Active Coaching, Integral Coaching®, and ORSC (systemic) coaching. I sought a program offering robust coaching structures. After considerable research and feedback from peers, I was drawn to Integral Coaching® for its comprehensive approach. The intensive program, spanning nearly three years, proved to be transformative. It fortified my existing agile coaching skills and introduced advanced coaching techniques.

The structure of Integral Coaching® initially felt rigid and script-like, challenging my agile principles. But as I delved deeper, I began to see its value. Once I internalized the process, my coaching sessions flowed more harmoniously, and I connected with clients on a profound level.

The ripple effect of this training touched my personal life. I became a more attentive listener, a more present parent to my three children, and a more adaptive teacher. I could discern the unique needs of my students and tailor my lessons accordingly.

Integral Coaching®’s efficacy lies in its comprehensive method. While I respect the proprietary nature of the program and won’t delve into specifics, it incorporates aspects like all quadrants, the Enneagram, and many other integral facets.

Reflecting on my challenging engagement that led me to Integral Coaching®, I believe that had I been equipped with this knowledge then, my approach would have been far more personalized and effective.

Three years post-graduation, this program continues to enhance my professional engagements, allowing me to discern and address my clients’ needs with heightened precision.

Thank you for accompanying me on this recount of my professional coaching evolution.

“Integral Coaching ® is a registered trademark in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. And licensed to Simon Bourk. “