Guiding organizations to elevate their teams’ effectiveness in solving complex problems.

Our Services


Using certified training from the home of Scrum (Scrum.org), our courses will build a strong foundation to strengthening your existing comprehension of Scrum. Paired up with the latest teaching practices, each course is geared to be experiential, tactical and real.


We can help your business to embody the Agile mindset, from the sales department to the fingertip of your programmer.


We practice Test Drive Development and create maintainable code. Not only will your code base be clean, modular, architected well, but also there will be a safety net verifying the integrity of your business logic at every code change.

It all began when…

a Scrum Master empowered my coworkers and me to pursue technical excellence and professionalism throughout the application of the Scrum framework.

He taught us how to grow as a high-performance team and inspired us to continually improve while delivering the upmost important value for our clients.

It changed my life at work.

Today, I want you to experience how this feels!

Simon - founder of Bourk Software & Consulting